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Through the use of real-time systems, medical processes will be optimized, because data will be provided right in time when it is needed and it could be continuously updated. This would affect both, the results, as well as their representation and mediation in the full impact of treatment.

The project “Realtime results” examines how the use of real-time technologies in the field of healthcare would have an impact on patients and physicians, as well as on their medical practices and procedures. Further, the results of this work show ways opportunities and risks when using this technology when providing medical results.

For the future design of medical devices, which make use of real-time technologies, three priorities are presented in detail. These are applied in practical applications, for example in the field of diagnostic imaging, to show possible intersections, connections and effects of this technology for people, medical products and the system of healthcare.

Information Design I Realtime I Technologies I Scenarios I Healthcare Design

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