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An experiment can testify a hypothesis, or just give proof for some expectations. But at the same time it inhabits also moments of astonishment where things can come to the surface that surprise. Experimental methods in design utilise exactly these moments of surprise to discover attentional gaps and make use of their unintentional power in a structured way of working.

In this seminar students get first a broad overview about the current developments in design research and the fields that are discussed within this discourse. Further, the design process is studied in depth, comparing the “normal” design process and the design research process to discuss similarities and differences.

A special focus on experimental and explorative methods is introduced, but we get to know also a great range of research methods in Design which we test for their utility in various kinds of projects and practice situations. We learn to differentiate why things work and why not, thus learn about the different phases in design and how to choose, thus apply the selected methods to the semester projects.

Seminar // MA Creative Direction // Designexperiment // Diploma University