Laboratory furniture table for pathology working areas


The frozen section is a pathological examination of tissue samples usually during an ongoing cancer operation. Because the continued operation tactics is dependend of the frozen section diagnosis, the processing of the samples must be extremely fast and accurate.


The diagnosis in then pathology lab takes less than 15 minutes. The quick cutting workplace is located either within the vicinity of the operating rooms of larger clinics or in a special, external Pathology Institute.


In the pathological diagnosis a compact and autonomous workplace is required for various steps, where the user does not have to change for activities or has to wait for shared peripherals.


The laboratory workstation “float ” offers a compact workplace, which is split into two working areas – one of wet work, and another fpr documenting work permits. Both areas can run over each other in and can be moved over the entire width of the panel frame depending on the activity. The workplace is powered by a ground column with media. In the column there is a pool with an infrared sensor controlling the water valve. The disposal is mobile, as it is also useful inbetween two workstations.

Project realized for the Wesemann GmbH 2018