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The real and our virtual world are growing closer together. Through this merging a separate design space is created in which products, devices and objects can interact with us and with each other. This space of interaction also opens up new possibilities for a creative networking of applications such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, in order to convey the multifaceted aspects and experiences between us and our artifacts.

The seminar invites the students to get to know these possibilities and forms of mediation in 2D, 3D and 4D space. It is intended to present an overview of our new technologies, thus the cosmos of analog and digital materials, to use them as tools for design practice.

Through the hands-on presentation of techniques such as coding, processing, generative design and physical computing, these multifaceted approaches are briefly introduced for the design of interactive content, in order to use them in future product systems from hardware, software and services, especially with regard to mixed reality environments.

Further, the students are introduced to the general substance of technology and material developments, as well as to the discourse on their ebings, in order to provide a solid basic knowledge of materials and new technologies for designing strategies, prototypes and material experiments.

The goal of this seminar is to cultivate an in-depth competence for technology and material in the realm of the digital, in order to communicate diverse design aspects. In addition, the seminar should serve as an experimental space to develop own technology and material issues in the context of design, thus to create new human-material experiences.

Seminar // New Technologies and Material development // MA Creative Direction // Diploma University