Future Interaction Design for Phase-contrast X-ray imaging

unnamed Kopie

In this project a product concept was developed which focused especially on new possibilities of interaction for the PCI X-ray method and in particular addressing the needs of future generations.

Intensive research is currently being carried out on phase contrast imaging with X-rays (PCI), because the imaging of phase differences can produce a significantly higher image contrast than realized with conventional X-ray imaging methods. Therefore, phase contrast X-rays generated images, which are much more precise, since even less highly absorbent tissue structures, such as e.g. Soft tissues, can be visualized with this method. It can be expected that phase contrast imaging will open up new possibilities for the early detection of diseases (e.g. cancer, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis) in the next ten years, but will also be used intensively in the field of material and material testing.

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Fully functional equipped mammography unit, consisting of a medical valuation workstation and an add-on diagnostic unit for the patient. Through the frontal, opposite positioning of the patient and the doctor or medical assistant a dialogical situation is designed, where communication is possible and absolutely desired. Unlike today, the patient is an active and participating person in the mammography process, as she is in charge to operate the diagnostic unit to decide about the settings (like position, rate of compression, etc.) in consultation with the medical staff. The mammography unit has an open-style structure, which allows to adjust the workstation to all kinds of body shapes and heights, as well as to persons with impaired mobility.


Project realized for Siemens Healthcare, 2014, Erlangen, Germany