Building social-democratic Futures as Alternatives in Medical Device Design

social alternatives

Worldwide, we are still significantly dependent on medical institutions and staff to measure, collect and store data about our bodies and health status. But through the increasing use of information technologies in the medical field, it is likely that medical practice will soon be revolutionized by the process of democratization. How can we contribute and shape this process as designers?

Social Design I Medical Device Design I Democracy

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WIR gestalten – Designing for the concept of WE in times of the Self

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In these times the improvement of the Self got to a new level of interest and possibilities, for example by optimizing one´s own status, knowledge, behaviour and body. However, by all this care and design of the self, the concepts and qualities of a “WE” seem to be slowly upstaging in our life and society. But how can we address and design for a “WE”?

Social Design I Democracy

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Materiality – How can we design the Digital?

The real and our virtual world are growing closer together. Through this merging a separate design space is created in which products, devices and objects can interact with us and with each other. This space of interaction also opens up new possibilities for a creative networking of applications such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, in order to convey the multifaceted aspects and experiences between us and our artifacts.

Information Design I Material Design I Interaction Design I Digital Design

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