Code und Material – Digital and analog Materials

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The content of this study booklet, to create a comprehensive mix of digital and analog materials for every design project, is today more relevant than ever when we design our current, interconnected products. To fulfil this task holistically, the understanding of the nature of materials, thus their ways of development, is essential to use the potential this topic inhabits for every assignment in design. 

Information Design I Material Design I Interaction Design I Digital Design
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Designexperiment – Experimental Methods in Design

An experiment can testify a hypothesis, or just give proof for some expectations. But at the same time it inhabits also moments of astonishment where things can come to the surface that surprise. Experimental methods in design utilize exactly these moments of surprise to discover attentional gaps and make use of their unintentional power in a structured way of working.

Design Experiment I Design methods I Experimental methods

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Methoden der Designforschung – Design Research Methods

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The utilization of research methods is not only essential for research projects, but also expedient for design projects. Therefore, the study booklet offers students a brief introduction into the history and development of the field of design research and gives them a broad overview about the most recent design research approaches. Further, methods for different stages of design projects are outlined, thus the according strategies to choose the appropriate method for the aim and respective focus of design projects or research projects.

Design methods I Design research methods

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