Designing for the concept of “WE” in times of the self

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In these times the improvement of the self got to a new level of interest and possibilities, for example by optimizing one´s own status, knowledge, behaviour and body. However, by all this care and design of the self, the concepts and qualities of a “WE” seem to be slowly upstaging in our life and society. But how can we address and design for a “WE”?

In this workshop we want to explore, how to design a “WE”, for example by more inclusive ways of thinking. We challenge how our understanding of a “WE” is interpreted socially and discuss what this interpretation means for us as designers. Further, we investigate which opportunities different forms of a “WE” have to offer. Through the examination of four different “WE” scenarios, we examine if and how a “WE” can be designed, thus how these concepts can be implemented in our current product planning processes and projects.

MA Creative Direction // MasterCamp // Workshop held on 21.07.2018 in Hanover, Germany