Zwischenraum – Designing the Inbetween

The Inbetween defines the space that connects two elements. The space really becomes only visible through the materials, elements and objects that surround it. Where the material is interrupted the Inbetween begins which can take the form of an opening, a gap or of a crack for example.

Usually this space Inbetween is not focused first in design, since our perception is usually more oriented towards the object and its form or shape. So, what happens when we break our habit and start designing from the space in between – put openings in the focus, arranging through gaps or defining objects through cracks?

This concept will be followed in the workshop to discover inbetweens as a design strategy and creative scope to construct forms and shapes conversely, by changing and experimenting with the space inbetween. How do silhouettes alter by changing the space inbetween? Which spaces are suitable, depending on the application or function of the object? Is it possible to create a saving of material by the intensive use of inbetween spaces?

In order to permeate these questions we develop in this workshop the shape of a stool through the design and focus of the spaces Inbetween. A stool as a seat requires different spaces than, for example a stool for standing – a stool that is used as a shelf needs different gaps than one as a plant stand and a stool as a storage element needs more distinct openings than a stool for footrest. Also concepts for indoor and outdoor have differing demands for their spaces Inbetween.

BA Produktdesign // MSD Münster School of Design // Workshop held on 18.10.2019 in Münster, Germany